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Down with the Tobacco Industry

August 16th, 2005 Comments off

It’s been over a
month (Almost 6 weeks now actually) since I quit smoking and ever since I have been getting crap in the mail constantly from Camel. I have gotten a
package from Camel everyday since Wednesday (Money Clip), Thursday (Cool ass Cigarette Case), Friday (Matches), Saturday (Plastic Shot Glasses), Sunday
(No mail cause of Jebus), Monday (Another Money Clip), Tuesday (More Plastic Shot Glasses).. I also have gotten a few things from Marlboro as well.. I
NEVER got anything in the 12 years I did smoke from anyone by mail.. Why all the sudden? Maybe I only qualified for 6 of those years since I wasn’t a
“smoker 21 or over”, but still.. I gave my ID to the Camel guys at Jackpot over 3-4 months ago, so why all the sudden did they start now? I gave my ID to
the Marlboro guys when I was in Charlotte over Christmas last year and they too all the sudden decide to send me crap? It’s like they know.. Those
f*ckers.. It’s not like their silly little games are going to get me to start smoking again.. I have got enough coupons now to buy over a carton with 1.75
off each pack.. I already gave half of the coupons away to my buddy Ed.. I swear.. Why the hell is tobacco legal when weed isn’t? Quitting smoking had to
be the hardest thing I ever have done, and these f*ckers are trying to get me to revert..

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