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July 1st, 2006 Comments off

I got my letter today.. I got in..

I have about 25 days now to get my house spiffed up, sold,
packed, and moved for school.. Sheila and I are headin’ out west for 2 weeks just before school starts, so man I got a ton of stuff to do before then..
Know anyone who wants a house in Cary?

Hells yeah! I made it.. Time to pop the cork on the bubbly..

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Down to the wire.. Clock is ticking..

May 8th, 2006 Comments off

So last week I made an appointment to take the GMAT today.. It cost $250.. No monopoly there.. I guess
part of the pre-screening for getting into Business school is if you can find some way to scrounge up $250.. Either you are poor but can hustle to get
$250 and means you have good business accumen, or you are doing OK financially which means you either are lucky and already rich so you will get invited
into the buddy system of large business or you already have learned to hustle and have good business accumen.. I think its a scam, and ought to be
regulated in some way.. The GRE is $130..

I am nervous; I got about an hour and half until the test starts.. It doesn’t help that it is all
computer based.. You migth think that coming from someone who isn’t intimidated by a computer in any way it seems odd, but I just can’t read on a computer
screen.. I took a practice test on my computer yesterday and most of the verbal portions I missed were so obvious when I went back and re-read the
quesiton.. Something about being able to read the text on a piece of paper, highlight and mark things down helps me sigificantly.. I guess kids in 10
years won’t be at such a disadvantage as most kids my age.. I mean sure we had a computer in every classroom.. I remember the broken Apple IIe in the
corner that when it worked you could play where in teh world is carmen sandiego.. Thats a far stretch from reading wordy paragraphs about the japanese
union system after WWII and answering critical reasoning questions.. There isn’t anything I can do about it other than stay focused..

That is
probbably why I am writing now.. It helps me to relax and focus.. I had a really odd dream last night that I had overslept for the test, and was wandering
through my parents neighborhood in Charlotte to the testing facility which was in south Charlotte.. It probbably would be 20 minutes by car, but for some
reason in the middle of the night I was roaming twoard the testing facility hoping they would make an exception for me showing up 12 hours late.. Then I
realized that it was jsut overcast, the clouds cleared away and I was greeted with a dark blood red sky.. Like a tornado sky or a weird electrical storm..
I can only imagine what that would be like.. My mom talked about the pink skies growing up in Pittsburgh cause of the polution from the steel mills.. When
I was up there 2 years ago I didn’t see that since it has been cleared up..

So I have written enough.. Tonight I am going to see the Hurricanes
play in game 2 against the Devils.. I had to pass on my ticket on Saturday so I could study, but I am going tonight.. Hopefully i will be in good sprits..
My original goal for the GMAT was 700, but that may be a bit crazy.. I am shooting for a 650 or higher.. Supposedly 680 will get my in anywhere.. It may
just be a number and test your ability on taking a the GMAT test, but it also determines part of my future so there will be no fucking around this time..
I will wax the floor with this test.. If you see me at Jackpot tonight drunk and happy you know I hit my goal..

I don’t need luck.. So I won’t
cross my fingers.. Luck in the end may run out, but instead I will rely on my abilities which are limitless… That may be arrogant but I know I can do

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