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Sad iPod Icon

November 30th, 2006 Comments off

So I went to listen to my iPod at work today and I got greeted by a screen with the following

It then put the URL on the screen as well..

I think that means the hard drive is bad..
Anyone know for sure if thats the only thing that could be wrong? I already popped it open and I am about to order a new drive.. $150 for a new hard
drive off the net, or what 250 for a similar model?

Any suggestions on a differnet mp3 player?

The 30GB Microsoft Zune is $250.. All the
DRM stuff on it scare the hell outta me, I KNOW it won’t work with my Mac, and well Bill Gates is rich enough..

A replacement iPod 30GB Video is
$250, but it is much smaller than the iPod I have now (60GB iPod Photo)..

The 8 GB iPod nano would probbably be too small and also costs $250..

The 60GB unit is way too big (storage wise).. I think 20 would be good.. I had a 15 I sold to get the 60.. The color screen is nice, but all that
storage is overrated I think..

Any suggestions? I am not 100% ready to put a new drive in my old iPod if there is something else I could get
instead for 150 and maybe sell my dead ipod for scrap on ebay..

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An open letter

November 30th, 2006 Comments off

For those of you who haven’t heard the story here is a brief synopsis.. Thanksgiving night 3am..
Sheila and I are sleeping and get awoken by a screech of tires followed by a crazy crash.. We contemplate getting up, but don’t.. We do exchange a few
words like “Someone’s car just got fucked”.. About 5 minutes after the crash we hear the screech of tires.. We get up in the morning to catch the train
for Charlotte and it turns out 2 peoples cars did get fucked.. One was Sheilas volvo who only was dented not imobilized, and Sheila’s upstairs neighbors
volvo was rendered undrivable.. The asshole after hitting those 2 cars then crashed into the telephone pole across the street..

Dear Drunk Piece of Shit,

It has
been close to a week now since you ran into 2 innocent parked cars and then ended up in that telephone pole.. The cops aren’t going to come looking for
you most likely even if they have your drivers side mirror.. We have your headlight, but we have no idea where to find you..

You should understand
that if I did find you I might want to be quite violent which I typically am not.. Not because you hit 2 cars.. But because you have just proven once
again why not to drink and drive.. Sheila and I walk down that street all the time at night.. If its after midnight chances are we are not in a state to
drive and have chosen a safer alternative to driving drunk.. Walking.. If its not someplace in walking distance we take a cab.. You on the other hand
decided it was OK to endanger other peoples lives.. Not just mine, but all the other people who constantly walk in Sheila’s neighborhood..

I really
hope that you cracked your colar bone or hip or something else when you hit the telephone pole so maybe you can remember that driving drunk is a stupid
idea.. I really wish I had goten up and drug you from your car, called the cops and let you blow what clearly had to be WAY over the legal limit.. It
would have been sweet not only to have you paying to repair the 2 cars, but also to see your license taken away for a long time.. Driving drunk is
stupid.. I have friends with DUIs and they can tell you how stupid it is too..

You better not come around again,


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Traffic Tickets and why going to court is the only thing to do

November 14th, 2006 Comments off

So I got a ticket maybe2 months ago.. I was clocked at 54 in a 45 zone.. The cop charged me
with 44 in a 35 zone.. I wasn’t sure if I could get off completely by proving the speed limit was 45 or not.. So I went to the GSO Department of
Transportation and got a map showing the speed limit was clearly 45.. I figured there was some statue or habeus corpus, something that would maybe keep
them from raising the charge back to the 54 they clocked me at..

So I went to court the first time about a month ago, plead not guilty, and got assigned a court date.. That took about an hour of my time.. I got to
sit with a bunch of people who had done everything from DUI to expired tags.. The best part was waiting in line outside the courtroom with the riff raff
asking “Yo man where I go for child support.. Dat hoe keeps tryin to say its my babay..”.. So I had my court date, and what I hoped would be my

I also got a ticket for 83 in a 60 zone in Charlotte a few weeks ago I have coming up so it became more imperative that I get this ticket handled

So my court date arrives today.. I show up, plead not guilty again.. The cop is clearly there.. I have my evidence.. The DA tells me that he can
actually put in for a motion to have the chages raised to what I was clocked at 54.. It then becomes pointless what the speed limit is cause I was still
in violation of the law then.. 54 in a 35 or 54 in a 45.. (Hopefully you figured that out).. But then the (typically expected plea deal)..

“Well Sir.. You do have every right to a trial, and you can present whatever evidence you would like.. But to not waste the courts time I will let you
plead guilty to improper equipment which is 0 points on your license.. Not a moving violation”.. So I take the plea.. No points on my license.. The county
got what they wanted.. They got 135 in fines vs the 125 that was on my ticket..

So..In summary kids.. Always push for a trial.. They will always offer you something lower and lower and lower.. You don’t need a lawyer.. It just
takes maybe 3 hours of your time.. My insurance is clean.. There are still no moving violations on my record.. (Way better than a prayer for judgement
which some folks like to bargin for)..

So yeah.. $10 more now, and thousands less in insurance later..

Enough time slacking off.. I have homework to do..

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This fine day

November 10th, 2006 Comments off

is brought to you by Smoothies, Coffee, and The Flaming Lips.. Its Friday and well i’m just happy..

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