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This Old House Part 14 of 63453 – Moving the washer and dryer out of the kitchen

December 1st, 2007

So far there have been very few projects on my house that I have completed yet.. Most stuff is up in
the air, but I can actually say without lying that I have completed one project.. You might say it’s a sub-project of many other larger projects, but fuck
it.. It’s done..

The washer and dryer have been in the kitchen ever since I moved in.. I always said that I wanted to put them in the basement,
but it’s far more complicated than just moving it down there. I had to install new electrical wiring, run new pipes for the washer, and install a utility
tub with a pump because the sewer line is above the basement floor..

So this week I picked up the drain pump, got it installed, and ran most of
the new electrical wiring for the dryer.. All of this stuff I had done before in some form.. PVC plumbing work is simple.. Electrical isn’t a big deal to
me.. But what remained was installing the pipes to feed the utility tub and the washer.. I have never worked with copper pipe before.. I was a bit
intimated, but I did as much reading as possible, and did some practice joints in the shed before it was time for the big show.. I also bugged a buddy I
know who is a plumber up in Canada for quite a while with many questions..

So I spent 3-4 hours yesterday putting together as much of the copper
pipe as I could without having to tap into my real water supply.. I finished it up this morning, and then the moment of truth came.. I cut off the water
supply.. I had my buckets of water ready in case i caught something on fire, all the buckets ready to drain the pipes when I cut them.. It took me about
3-4 hours to get all the joints assembled, and get the plumbing back together, but the first time I put the water back on it worked! No leaks! Nothing..
I’m pretty stoked.. I also put some pipe straps on many of the pipes in the house because they were pretty loose and they aren’t supposed to move much at

As usual here as some photos of my progress, er completed project!

Part One – Electrical Wiring for the washer /

Part Two – Utility Tub, and drain pump installed..
Yeah the trap under the tub leaked when I was testing it..

Some of the copper joints I sweated

All of the trash from removing the old washer / dryer

New laundry room.. New electrical outlet for the
dryer, copper pipes, etc.. Just add washer and dryer..

The space that I will get back in the kitchen as soon
as I can get a buddy to help me move the washer and dryer into the basement.. Oh and Bacon sniffing the washer.. :)

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