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Sad iPod Icon

November 30th, 2006

So I went to listen to my iPod at work today and I got greeted by a screen with the following

It then put the URL http://www.apple.com/support/ipod on the screen as well..

I think that means the hard drive is bad..
Anyone know for sure if thats the only thing that could be wrong? I already popped it open and I am about to order a new drive.. $150 for a new hard
drive off the net, or what 250 for a similar model?

Any suggestions on a differnet mp3 player?

The 30GB Microsoft Zune is $250.. All the
DRM stuff on it scare the hell outta me, I KNOW it won’t work with my Mac, and well Bill Gates is rich enough..

A replacement iPod 30GB Video is
$250, but it is much smaller than the iPod I have now (60GB iPod Photo)..

The 8 GB iPod nano would probbably be too small and also costs $250..

The 60GB unit is way too big (storage wise).. I think 20 would be good.. I had a 15 I sold to get the 60.. The color screen is nice, but all that
storage is overrated I think..

Any suggestions? I am not 100% ready to put a new drive in my old iPod if there is something else I could get
instead for 150 and maybe sell my dead ipod for scrap on ebay..

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