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This Old House Part 5 of 63453 – Gutter Drain Line

May 1st, 2007 Comments off

Well I am in Columbia, SC today for work.. Yeah I still have a job.. I am finally done with the man
June 20th.. I talked them into letting me take all my vacation and with 28 days left and working part of the time it ran me until the middle of June.. I
guess I can’t complain at all.. I had all of last week off, and I will never work Friday again.. Well until I get another job..

I spent Sunday,
Monday, and Tuesday of last week working on replacing my downspout drains.. My wrist hurts like a bitch.. I guess I am not used to digging a ditch 50-60
feet long.. Anyway the thing is done and doesn’t leak.. All I need to do is backfill the ditch and then I can get started again on the patio.. I ended up
digging out 46 sections of pipe plus about another 8 feet or so of pipe..

The garden is starting to pop up now..
Carrots are coming in, Cucumbers, Peppers, and well I still forgot what else we planted but there are little buds popping up everywhere..

I have
one class this summer for school.. MBA 613 – Economic Policy and the Global Environment.. I was given a conditional acceptance to UNCG which require me to
have a 3.0 after 12 credits.. Right now I have a 2.95 and 10.5 credits.. I have to get a B+ in that class to hit a 3.0.. I don’t know what they would do
if I had a 2.97 or something at 12 hours, but I would rather not find out.. I really wanted to get an A in my Communications class, but alas I ended up
with a B+..

When that class is over all I have to do this summer is work on my house, go to the beach, and brew/drink beer.. I can’t wait for
June 20th to roll along..

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