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Into the great wide open.. Sunday..

January 28th, 2006

Sunday we wake up and Sheila had the name of a breakfast / diner we were told to check out called the
Twig and Leaf on Bardstown road.. At first we are concerned that eating lunch at noon on a Sunday will be a problem with the church crowd.. Once we
arrive we realize its not a problem and wait only a few minutes to get a seat.. Sheila had the pancakes, and I got some cheese eggs, rye toast, and twig
taters.. Sheila ranks the pancakes at a 3.5..

We then ventured across the street to the Heine Brothers Coffee shop and have a cup a joe.. It starts to rain.. and rain.. and rain.. and rain.. Its
pretty cold so we decide to just go and look for a hotel somewhere around the Bardstown road area.. It seems pretty cool and like where we mostly will
want to spend time..

Pretty much hotel options in that area were either downtown, or out by the airport.. We had a coupon for this place called the Airport Inn.. 39.99 a
night.. We also were pretty pooped from driving around and just wanted to get a hotel to relax.. The pouring rain wasn’t helping.. When we pulled up there
were pretty much no cars in this place, but against my better judgment I went on in.. I walked in and saw a guy watching TV barefoot.. He looked at me and
said “Can I help you?”, to which I said, “Yeah I want to get a room”.. So I get a room from this lovely barefoot man and Sheila and I head up to the
“room”.. The longer I walk around this hotel the scarier it looks.. There was a sign on the door when we walked up “Please pardon the mess while we
re-model”, but that really didn’t cover what we were about to see..

First we walked by the pool which was completely drained, and had a bunch of holes in the bottom of it.. It sort of reminded me of what would be left over
from somone throwing a grenade in the pool.. The concrete walkways around the hotel had most of the paint chipped off, and also were pitted as though
someone had been attacking them with a sledge hammer.. I kept telling myself “The room will be OK even if the rest of the hotel looks like shit”.. Wrong..
We walk in and there are muddy footprints on the carpet.. The lights don’t work.. The sink is dripping and also clogged.. It is however draining very
slowly (onto the carpet below).. How lovely.. There is no state of Kentucky sign on the back of the door like you see in any LEGAL hotel stating the
average rates, your legal rights etc.. After about 30 seconds I go back and talk to my lovely barefoot friend at the counter, and after a few attempts
from him to persuade me to “Try another room” I get my money put back on my credit card and we get a real hotel with running water and electricity..
Lovely place this Airport Inn.. I would strongly recomend against it..

Check out the footprints on the floor!

After a very long nap the rain is still coming down.. We finally decide to leave the comforts of the new hotel room and see what there is to grab for
dinner that night.. We drive up and down Bardstown a bit looking for something promising.. We go to a place called Cumberland Brewery.. I get a
Bison/Buffalo Burger and Sheila gets this awesome salad with Bleu Cheese, slivered almonds, apple slices, mixed greens, blackened chicken and some other
stuff.. We also tried their local brews.. I had a Red and a Porter.. Sheila some Pilsners that night.. The rain was still coming down when we headed back
to the hotel room and got some much needed sleep.. We also got a phone call from Garrets sister Valarie and we decided we would try and meet up later in
the week sometime..

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