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December 17th, 2006

I just finished watching the film Mur (Wall). It’s
a very slow moving documentary about the wall the Israeli Goverment is building to seperate themselves from Palestine.. It could be completed by now
actually, and I am not sure..

The film did drag on forever, but I suspect that was part of the logic beind the slowness was to show scenes of
Palestinians crawling the walls to leave their village, and just theinsanity of the wall in general.. If you want to watch the film I would suggest
some reefer.. There is an inverview that is shown throughout the film with the Israeli Minister of Defense.. He is just like rumsfeld.. Well he speaks
Hebrew, but he might as well be saying the same shit.. It just makes me sick.. He blames the palestinians for everything.. Almighty Israel is completey
justified in building the wall he feels.. Ughh..

My favorite part of the film is a section of graffiti that says “fuck usa”..

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