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Big Squirrel in my Chimney Part III (Final Thoughts)

December 24th, 2005

Well Chompy (as he from now on will be know) is finally out of my house, and burried in the backyard..
I figured it better to recycle him and give him back to the earth than throw him in a landfill where he never would decompose as animal control would have

My theory on Chompys death is now centered around Sly (my cat).. His paws are normally white, but now are a solid grey from fireplace ashes, which were
strewn everywhere.. Slys paws were solid white when this episode started.. I am pretty sure that Chompy got terrorized by Sly on the other side of the
glass, and was trying to escape.. Of course Chompy had no idea that he was protected by a glass door.. At any rate Chompy ended up latching onto the rod
that screen rides on, and hanging there to his death.. He wasn’t really stuck, but just had his jaw locked around the rod.. He could have had some sort of
heart attack or some sort of stress related quick death I can’t imagine him hanging there by choice until he died..

As for removal I was pretty freaked out by hanging dead squirrel so i ended up having to have a friend help me get him down, which I am very thankfull
for.. I can scrape road kill off the road, but the hanging thing really weided me out.. Once he was not hanging in my fireplace the task was easy, and I
had him burried in the backyard within a minutes or two..

Poor little dude..

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