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This Old House Part 27 of 63453 – Remainder of house

October 30th, 2009

So I finally decided to decide to finish the house and live in a construction zone for a while.  Previously all I had remodeled was the Kitchen and the Dining Room.  That left the 2 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, and the hallways.  The largest portion of the remaining rooms is the bathroom.  It will require gutting the entire thing mostly down to studs.  The old bathroom had been “remodeled” in the 80s with horrible yellow tile by building a drywall box inside the old bathroom.

The main plan of attack is broken down into following steps:

  • Remove old windows / doors to send away for stripping
  • Remove old baseboards and picture mould (I opted to replace all of it as it was cheaper to replace than to strip it and re-install it)
  • Gut the bathroom down to studs / fixable surface
  • Remove the back hallway closet framing and re-frame it properly
  • Install new lighting in the bathroom and front room
  • Have the walls repaired as last time (Skim coating the plaster walls, and dropping the ceiling about an inch with drywall to get a smooth uncracked surface)
  • Insulate the attic properly (currently there is only a few inches of old insulation and it needs significantly more)
  • Replumb the bathroom
  • Tile the bathroom
  • Reinstall windows / doors
  • Paint, install other trim
  • Refinish the floors

I have already gotten started on the project and will add some posts in the next weeks as to what I have already done.  I have taken photos of the progress but I can’t get them off my camera currently.  As soon as I get the photos off I will be posting more updates.

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