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Death of a veggie garden

August 30th, 2007

it is with a tear in my eye that I must report that the veggie garden that i have so happily reported
on over the last few months is well.. Quite ill..

First there were the horned tomato worms.. Then they got killed off by the some wasps that use
their bodies as vessels for reproduction.. I thought the worst was over and I could be enjoying salsa, tomato sauces, etc.. Sadly I was wrong..

First the zucchini plants got weird.. This had been happening for a while, and I am not sure really what went wrong.. It could be the normal end
of their life, but I suspect not.. I removed them from the ground a week ago..

You can see the roots look pretty weird.. They stopped
producing fruit a month ago, and so I figured it was better to pull em out and hope whatever they had didn’t spread to other plants..

When I pulled
the roots out the insides had rotted..

So that’s not the worst of it.. Looks like the
Tomato plants all have Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus.. The tomato’s I have gotten
that weren’t previously eaten by the worms, have the spots on them.. The yellow lines / spots..

I didn’t see anything wrong with the leaves
earlier, but now it’s very obvious..

The only solution to the problem is to remove the
affected plants and hope that it hasn’t spread to the rest of the crop..

It is with a heavy heart I am about to head outside and start my mercy
killing of pants.. Hoping to remove the infected and save the rest..

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