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Everything is happy

September 12th, 2007

at my house with the exception of my cacti.. They seemed to love the 90s/100s; they grew like weeds
for the last month or so..

It’s not a trillion degrees outside.. I am wearing jeans.. The high today is going to be 83, and honestly it feels
cool.. Soon I can open the windows again.. I hope this isn’t a fluke.. This might be one of the most miserably hot summers I can remember in forever..

I am so ready for fall.. Mark my words.. After I graduate or get kicked out I am moving to the pacific northwest.. I can’t deal with more heat
like this in the summer.. It puts me in a foul mood.. I think it zaps all my energy.. I have been leaving this state since I was in high school.. So
what’s that.. 12 years? Come on.. Time to keep my promises and move to cooler climates.. Some folks like my friend Dash thrives in this sort of baking
shit.. Thats why he has his eyes set on Miami.. Me on the other hand I like clouds, 50s..

Anyway I am going to rejoice since NC is where I am..

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