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I’ve been out of the game for so long..

January 8th, 2008

How do you find a decent job? I am so tired of hearing folks say shit like “With the education and
experience you have you should have no problem finding an awesome job”.. That sounds so great to hear, but where are these jobs? When I was working at
[Monster Wireless Corporation] there were opportunities abound if you wanted to stay in that industry, but my interests aren’t to go back to the wireless
industry.. I would for some 250k/year contract work in Dubai, but I would knowingly be selling my soul to Satan for tons of money which I am OK with.
Aside from that I don’t have much interest in working in that environment again.. it’s too big, too many employees, far too much politics for me to handle
and keep my sanity, at least it was where I used to work and honestly it left quite a bad taste in my mouth..

Sure I can dream and say shit like
“I’d love to work on something really cool like the $100 laptop initiative for the one laptop one child program”, or “some small startup even if it
bombs”.. The problem is all of those jobs I have no idea where to even find them.. When I lived in Raleigh there were enough nerds around you might be
able to hear about something.. When I was working there was the possibility I would know someone.. Now living in Greensboro where most folks I know are
blue collar or work in banking/finance, and not working I don’t hear about anything.. I am convinced the types of jobs are everywhere out west, but here
on the east coast they are hard to find..

If I look at Monster.com all it is are super big corporations which I really have no interest in working
for.. Where can I find something I might be the remotest bit interested in?

I’ve toyed with the idea of being an electrician but to get a license
in NC you have to have 2 years experience as an electricians apprentice.. My education or knowledge can’t be used to substitute for any bit of that, so as
a realistic possibility it’s not something I’d put much thought to.. I could do it but I doubt I would last 2 years being someones bitch.. I’ll just stick
to doing work on my house and helping my dad do work on my folks houses..

Any ideas guys? The last job interview I had was in December 1999.. I
don’t have a clue where to look..

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