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OK so maybe there is some green in my thumb

June 6th, 2007

I have so much to write about.. The patio.. Sasquatch!, Sheila’s Birthday Party, Brewing Beer, and the
Garden.. Today I guess i’ll bore you all with photos of the veggie garden.. Expect more blogs.. I’ll be Sheila-less pretty much until we go to the beach
in July so expect more writing, and me to get in much more trouble that normal..

Onto the garden.. After growing out of control for a while we
took off the big cage this morning.. I went to Lowes and got a ton of tomato cages, and some stakes to put everything up with since it was past time to
stake everything..

I got all of the tomatoes trained up in cages..
I put one of the larger peppers into a cage.. I also setup something for the cucumbers to crawl up on.. I also put up some string to keep the squash from
covering over the carrots..

We already got fruit/flowers.. Check out this
baby cucumber.. Mmm..

View from the backyard..

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