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Resisting the urges..

June 22nd, 2007

to become one with the couch isn’t easy.. It’s hot as balls outside, and the AC is about to die in my
house.. So between being done working, abundant downloaded television, Sheila being far far away, and what not it’s been hard to do much useful

I have plenty to do, but alas I screw around watching tv in the morning until it’s too hot to do anything, so I watch more TV to wait until
it cools off.. Maybe spend some time on the internet, blogging about being a bum, and then well it’s evening and it’s time to watch a movie or something..

I can do this for a week or so because it’s my reward for retirement right and it’s OK right? Or am i already slipping very comfortably into my
patchwork shorts.. Maybe I should make a list of shit to do.. It apparently is in my Scorpio nature..

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