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The SmokePot..

January 15th, 2006

As much as I love the JP I really don’t think there is any hope for me going there as a non-smoker..
July 7th, 2005 I had the last cigarette of my life, and I feel so much better.. I can breathe now, I don’t cough up shit all the time.. It really makes me
wonder why the hell I smoked for so long before (12 years half Reds the other half Camels).. Sadly now I have become hyper-sensitive to smoke.. The last 3
times I have been to the JP my eyes have burned like hell.. I thought it would be different in the summer when the windows were open.. Well Friday after
the Hurricanes game (Penalty shot in OT for the win! Talk about awesome) it was 60F in Raleigh and I went to JP.. The windows were all opened so I
figured it wouldn’t be so bad.. I was supposed to meet someone down at Kings, but another friend who met me at the JP locked her keys in her car so I
waited at the JP with her until AAA came to get her keys out of her car.. This of course took over an hour as it typical for AAA.. At this point I stayed
at the JP since my friend at Kings said the show was over and was coming to meet me.. By this point I have had some unknown number of beverages.. It all
started with a Pitcher at Mitches around 500 and continued on until very late into the night.. So on to my point.. At some point I realized that my eyes
were really starting to burn.. I moved closer to the windows.. That didn’t help.. By this point I am getting vey furious.. I said some rude things to
people becaue I just wanted to get the hell out of the smoke.. I ended up standing infront of the JP for a while trying to get my eyes some fresh clean
air.. Why is it so hard in NC to go out, get plastered, see your friends, and not smell like an ashtray, much less have your eyes watering constantly
trying to fight off the 50/50 mix of air/smoke.. I don’t expect any of the bars here to venilate decently, and I highly doubt the laws will ever force
non-smoking areas in bars much less non-smoking bars.. It seems to have worked out OK in California, and NYC.. Beside I am sure it would be much easier
for others to quit if they had to go outside to smoke at a bar, and also weren’t constantly bombarded by it.. Hell I probbably would have quit earlier if
the laws made smoking less easy.. Fuck you Tobacco industry..

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