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This Old House Part 12 of 63453 – Covered Memories

October 9th, 2007

I am not starting on the kitchen yet.. I still am concentrating my efforts on getting the dining room
complete so I can have a least one fixed up room.. To move the doorway I need to remove a few layers of flooring in the kitchen doorway so I can put in
the new framing.. I forgot about how much fun it can be to remove all the layers and layers of crap when working on an old house.. Check out the varying
layers of flooring when I started cutting it away..

Top layer of ugly vinyl.. Maybe 90s?

Next layer down – Some cheap brick pattern peel and
stick floor.. 60s or 70s

Checkered Pattern Linoleum – 50s (Maybe 40s) – It’s a
bit damaged with all the removal I am doing..

Bottom Layer – Hardwood flooring covered with nasty
mastic from the checkered floor

Here is what they all look like put together.. It’s
about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of flooring from over the years..

Hopefully the hardwood can be sanded back to a lovely finish whenever I get to the kitchen
remodel.. My parents had the hardwood floor in their house covered with a similar stuff for all of the time I lived with them, but they took it up a few
years ago and had a similar glue sanded off leaving them with a beautiful floor.. There may be hope for my kitchen hardwood flooring yet..

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