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This Old House Part 6 of 63453 – Patio

June 14th, 2007

So the patio on the side of the house.. The weather isn’t cooperating, so since the ground is
saturated it sits again today waiting for dryer times.. So about a month ago Sheila and I found the stone we are going to use.. Fucking beautiful..

So all that is left to do on the patio is to put in the sand, tamp it down like crazy, then start laying down the stones and sweep in some soil..
The digging is all done.. It seemed like it would never end.. So in typical Taylor fashion here are some photos of the progress..

Here is how it started maybe 2-3 months

Partway through digging..

Digging complete..

Foundation of gravel laid down and tamped

The stone we got.. It’s going to be rockin’
whenever I can get out there and finish it up..

So hopefully in a month or less I can have the whole thing finished up, maybe get some Adirondack
chairs and chill out on the cool side of the house reading a book..

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