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Zucchini Overload

June 27th, 2007

The garden is doing awesome.. So far in about 2 weeks I have gotten a ton of fruit from the plants.. I
think there will be a massive abundance of fruit.. I love fried Zucchini, but does anyone have any awesome recipes that use Zucchini? I am not afraid to
try anything.. I’ll make Zucchini Ice Cream if you can convince me it tastes good..

There are finally fruit growing on everything else except the
cantaloupe (which has flowers).. Peppers, Tons of Tomatoes, Watermelon (They are about the size of a silver/Sacajawea dollar now), and carrots.. Well the
carrots may not make it.. The squash are starving them of sun.. Oh well..

Zucchini and a few Cucumbers – Not everything is
present either.. I ate some squash and cucumbers and left a few at Stacey’s..

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