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I’d like to propose a toast..

January 19th, 2007 Comments off

To getting the fuck out of Cary.. Today at aproximatly 11:30am January 19th, 2007 AD my house in Cary
was signed over to its new owners.. I had been talking about dumping that place for I dunno 2 years now? Well that time has finally come, and I no longer
own a house in suburban hell.. I still have my “cut your lawn you dirty hippie” letter from the town of Cary that I will frame and keep with me at all
times to remind of the hell living in suburbia was in case I ever start to think living in the burbs is cool.. Never forget.. Never forget..

want to thank Sheila, Ben (Lawnjesus), and Ben (Co-worker) for all their help moving over the last few days.. I was the idiot who ordered too small of a
u-haul, but it’s all here now with me in Greensboro waiting to be unpacked.. I also want to thank Jamie Dawson
my agent who made it a breeze to sell my place.. If you need an agent who is down to earth and easy to deal with i’d highly recomend him (He’s in my
friends if you want to contact him directly).. Thanks everyone!

Now to just unpack all this stuff and enjoy living where I can cab it home from
whatever place I want for much less than $40 bucks, not hate my neighbors for being stuck up arrogant suburbian snobs, and well live somewhere where there
are actually people doing things past 7pm (without having to go to the cool town next door)..

I got a bottle of bubbly waiting for tonight! And
with that said I’m raising my glass and making a toast to “Getting the fuck out of Cary”.. Drink up bitches cause it’s time to celebrate!

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Is Greensboro one large trashcan?

January 4th, 2007 Comments off

So one thing I noticed almost as soon as I moved here was how stinking dirty the streets are,
especially around UNCG.. Tate street seems to be used as a trash can by all.. Cups in the gutter when a trash recepticle is 20 feet away.. It’s not like
some places in europe where the trashcans were removed cause of the threat of hiding bombs in them.. Trashcans are everywhere, but for some reason many
people fail to use them.. Oh and lets not forget the lovely used condom in the Target parking lot.. I wonder what the empolyees do on their break?

Today was the clencher.. Driving to work.. Battleground and Benjamin Parkway.. Some bitch throws out a huge McDonalds (or similar fast food bag)
right into the road.. I was in the other lane maybe 20 feet behind her.. What gives? Is it that freakin’ hard to wait till you get where you are going and
throw it away, or do like many folks I know and toss it in the in-car trashcan known as the back seat? Come on folks.. Raleigh knows how to keep it
clean.. Why are you so behind the times Greensboro?

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