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West Coast Part II

August 10th, 2006

McMenamins Kennedy
in Portland was really awesome.. Here are some photos from it.. It’s like a resort for cool people.. Bars, Movie Theatre, and great food all
under one roof..

This is the room we stayed in, complete with

One of the many hallways.. It was decorated with salvaged stuff
from a building in Portland in an elementary school theme..

Outdoor patio
where we ate lunch, dinner and a tipsy midnight snack..

After the Kennedy school we drove twoard Crater Lake, and camped somewhere about 50 miles
north of Crater Lake..

The campsite along with the hood of our piece of crap
rental car..

So the road up to Crater Lake is quite scary.. There are no guard rails and the edge of the road is a drop off into oblivion that is
maybe 2 inches from the side of the road.. We head up there take a quick look.. Its as pretty as I remember it from when I went to Oregon as a kid.. We
stop in the Crater Lake Lodge resteraunt I have the best scone I have ever had in my life.. Ask Sheila.. I couldn’t stop talking about it for days.. It
had some lemon and orage zest in it, and some cranberrys.. Man Oh Man..

After crater lake we drive to the Redwood forrest in Cali.. The trees are
so big.. I mean you hear about how big they are, but you really get no appreciation for it until you are there.. I mean look at these guys..

Yes I am
humping the tree if you are wondering..

So we camp in the Humbolt county
state park that night.. On our way to the Sea Ranch we see a bunch of hippies at a festival right at the county line.. Coincidence? I think not..

The wedding was beautiful, as was the condo we stayed at with my folks.. I forgot to take pictures of the condo we stayed, but it was the
“Moore Unit” which was Charles Moores personal condo.. He was a famous architect, and it
was still decorated as he had it.. There were nick-nacks from all of his world travels in the entire place.. Whenever I get the rest of hte photos out of
my camera I’ll post photos from the wedding and San Fran..

For now check out the photos of these seals that were hanging out by our condo one
morning just sunning themselves..

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