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All it takes is a liver and a dream

April 30th, 2006

Yesterday I went to the Beerfest in Raleigh.. Man O Man was it fun.. There is some haze as to some
events, and the stumble from Moore Square to Sheilas apartment.. Most amazingly is the fact that we kept drinking well sort of until sometime after 6..
Some Duvel in the walk through the park, then a pint with some kids and their dad from New Jersey or Charlotte.. I think the kid was going to UNCC and was
from Jersey, but its a bit fuzzy.. Then hobbling to Rockford for another pint and the always tasty ABC bean salad.. I don’t think much of the last pint
was consumed at the rock.. Man.. I barely recall walking home.. Passed out by 7 or 8, and thats all she wrote.. It was a great time, and I will have to
do one again in my life.. Sheila got a shirt that quotes Benjamin Franklin “Beer is living proof that god wants us all to be happy”.. I think I have to
say that beerfest is one of the greatest things in the world.. Not the first by any means, but it sure as hell is up there..

Before Beerfest I went
with Sheila to Greensboro, and she got a really bad ass apartment down there.. I am a tad jealous since she already is in school and can move pretty
easily.. Its not founded, and if I play my cards right I will be there in the fall.. I really cant’ wait, and I am a bit nervous of if I will get
accepted.. I just took the GMAT practice exam cold without any review and I got a 580 which I think is pretty average, not the score I was looking for..
Its been forever since I took a standardized test, so hopefully I will do a bit better next time with some review with the book.. I am going to get the
GMAT taken by May 15th I have decided..

I still need to do a ton of work on the house.. I sprayed more weeds today, and will try and get more
painting done.. Hopefully once I take the GMAT everything will start to fall into place.. I think I am going to have to start having a bit less fun and
“buckle down” if I am goign to make all this happen..

Well the Sabres and Flyers are on in HD so I suppose I will watch that for a bit of a break,
and then get back to it.. Hopefully the Hurricanes win tonight.. Going to the game.. Sorta wish I didn’t have so much going on cause the playoff games
almsot seem like a hinderence more than something fun..

Anyway so in summary.. Beerfest is awesome, and should be experienced by all.. Bonnaroo
will be here before I know it, Sheila will be moved, and I better get my application stuff in..

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