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Carolina Rollergirls Dec 4th Bout Photos

December 5th, 2005

Here are my photos from the December 4th Carolina Rollergirls bout..
These came out much better than my photos from November.. Amazing what a faster lens will do..
If anyone wants originals, or wants to suggest a caption post a comment or email me..

Violet Femme showing some love to Shirley Temper

Terrordactyl going ….

down to the ground..

Hearts and Daggers at Intermission

Teflon Donna gets lead jammer!

Terrordactyl scratching and clawing for every point

Uh oh! Who’s that coming! Zella Logosi and the Debutante Brawlers thats who!

Violet Femme and Ms. Fit speeding around the track

Penelope Bruz

Ms Fit passing Concrete Blondie for another point

Terrordactyl getting tossed off the track

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