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New study shows moles can piss 10000x their body weight..

November 29th, 2005

at least thats what my brilliant neighbors would try to convince me.. About a week ago I noticed that
my water meter was filled up with water to the top.. I thought it might have been rain runoff since it had rained very heavily the day before.. I fished
it out, and checked my meter.. My meter was not going up, and the water didn’t come back 10-15 minutes later when I checked.. I dismissed it, and thought
nothing more of it..

The next day i noticed there was a very soggy spot in my yard, and then I checked my water meter.. Sure enough it was full of water again..

I then went back to the soggy spot, and noticed that it was only in a few places in my yard, but i followed what seemed to be a path of sog, and it turned
out that my neighbors entire side yard was one complete soggy mess.. I then checked their water meter and sure enough theirs was filled up with water as
well.. I noticed theirs wasn’t going up, so I figured weather it was my connection or theirs it was clearly a break on the cities side.. Simple.. I
figured since it was mostly in my neighbors yard, and their yard is elevated above mine by a bit it was their responsibility..

I have never liked these neighbors.. She is a real estate agent, he is some computer looser who runs some lame-o fix it computer business, but hey what
can you do.. I wasn’t asked if I liked them when they were thinking about buying the house..

I figured I would be nice and leave them a note saying that their water main most likely was broken, and their yard was very soggy.. I also noted that
their water meter as well as mine was full to the brim with water.. Simple right?

Later that night I get a phone call from my neighbors.. This is where the fun starts.. He told me that he had noticed that the yard was a bit soft, but
that he was 100 ositive it was the work of a mole.. I then said “how can you be sure? What about the water in our water meters?”.. He proceeded to
tell me how he would be putting out a mole trap, and the issue would be taken care of.. I tried to argue with him that no mole could possibly make his
entire yard like a sponge, but he apparently was too brain dead to be able to differentiate between a tunnel underground weaking soil vs. water saturating
it to the point that it became like a sponge.. This is where I figured that maybe he was right, and it was the work of some super moles who can urinate
10000x thier body weight in a day.. I wish I had gotten a photo of the mole trap he put out.. I also am no animal expert,but don’t moles make lots of
holes in the top of a yard?

I just went out to check one more time before i call the city, and sure enough the super moles have been a-pissin some more..

This picture is from where I took a step in his yard.. Clearly the work of moles.. Granted it rained all day, but it was exactly the same 3-4 days ago
before all the rain started.. So tomorrow I will be calling the city since my inbred neighbors are going to stick with the mole theory.. I figure I ought
to do that before my house falls into the sink hole that they are trying to create..

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