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Final Chapters in Cary..

December 17th, 2006

I’ve been hesitant to write about this since its not 100% finalized.. I could be jinxing myself, but I
have a good enough (gut) feeling, so I am not going to worry anymore..

My house in Cary is pretty much sold.. Offers been accepted.. Repairs have
been mostly completed.. All I am waiting on is final acceptance of the repairs from the buyers (all thats left to haggle about is replacing a window
pane).. Once thats agreed upon come January 19th i’ll get a fat check and no longer be a resident of this place callled Cary..

I am packing up some
more stuff now, and it makes me really happy to be done with Cary for so many reasons.. It has nothing to do with Raleigh.. Being here the last few days
reminds me of how much I miss this place already.. I heard another story about Justin Timberlake at the coverup.. I wish I had seen that.. I finally went
to a hockey game for the first time since June, and the first time since the Stanley Cup banner was raised at the ESA/Royal Bank of Canada Centre.. House
Parties in Raleigh.. I guess there are some in Greensboro, but I have yet to hear about them..

The main thing that makes me very happy about being
done with Cary is my housing costs are super low.. I can work a 10 buck an hour job and make ends meet if I want/need to.. I have far much finaicial
freedom, and it feels really good.. Maybe I will get the balls to go back to school full time? Anyway I am just happy as hell to know Cary is about over
and January 19th this house will be someone elses problem.. It never felt like home anyway.. Hopefully the new owners will be able to call this place

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