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Finally.. A Freakin’ Plan

March 30th, 2006

I will pre appoloigize for being vague about my job, but this is in the public and I won’t be giving
specifics related to my employer.. Sorry kids..

So as many of you may or may not know I have been talking about selling my house and doing
something.. I never seemed to know what that something was.. I always talked about quitting the job, but I am not ata good place to leave things.. I don’t
like to leave things unfinished.. I slowly was working on fixing up my house, but with no real plan, or end in sight it all seemed a bit pointless so I
always slacked off on it.. I did do some nice tilework in my master bath finally replacing the nasty ass carpet.. (Who has carpet in a bathroom..
Blech..).. The Cary life wasn’t quite cutting it for me, but without some new place to go it was easier to just coast there..

Check out that awesome tile job! Good stuff

So things at work are always crazy
and I am in the midst of re-building my “empire”.. A good ammount my “group” are inept and it is taking forever.. (See previous blog for more
information).. At work to help getting things rolling faster to get all my tools working again we are getting 2 new folks.. Well they started, but
instead of working in the policital nightmare of Raleigh we got them started in Columbia.. This meant that I needed to go down there to get them started..
So Monday morning I got up bright and early and swung down to Columba to meet the new guys..

Talking with them goes well enough.. I realize they
have a brain, and most likely didn’t fake their degree like someone who shall remain nameless I work with (He is one of the B’s I have mentioned before)..
So my boss and I start formulating a plan of how we will utilize their skills.. It is about time for me to get back in my car and drive back to Raleigh
when my boss gets a call.. The B I previously mentioned is quitting.. Not only is he quitting but he is has been hired by my company to work in Puerto
Rico.. I am sorta happy cause he is getting out of my hair, but not pleased that he has been hired on full time.. I have turned down many a job in Puerto
Rico.. The politics there are crazy, and its relaly not that nice of a place once you leave the resort.. So I call my manager / friend down there who
hired him and it turns out that he has been hired 2 levels above me to do work that he has no skills or credentials in.. I have 6 years experneice with
this stuff and I am a level 2.. He doesnt know the first thing about wireless and he gets a level 4.. Needless to say I am livid at this point..

have previously been thinking that a good time for me to leave will be after the end of the year at the earliest.. We are deploying a new technolgy that
it will be vital for me to have if I am to stay in wireless at all so I need to at least get that knowledge under my belt.. If i quit now in 5 years I
would have worthless knowledge on my resume.. If I quite after december I would have new very needed knowledge for at least the next 5 years on my
resume.. By the end of the year I also can probbably get everything else at work back running like it should be and be able to step away and know I handed
off my work in good shape not some halfway done mess like it is now..

While I am driving back to Raleigh I keep thinking.. “I am going to milk
this place for everything I can while I am still here”.. I keep wanting to open up a bar / resteraunt or two somewhere and eventually become a slum lord
and let others pay for me to go on vacation.. To do that I am going to need a good knowledge of business.. Hrmm.. My briain keeps spinning.. I could
easily get that knowledge if I went back to school.. I could go get an MBA.. I could get work to pay for it.. Holy shit.. I got it! I then called my boss
and asked him what he thought, and he was like “good.. ” he also said I can take day classes if I prefer as long as I put in my time.. I already have done
this for them before as I got them to pay for my last year of undergrad while at NCSU..

To make a long story short I am going to get my work to
pay for an MBA.. I am going to need to stay in NC to get tuition that will be under what work will pay for, and I need to stay in a city where we have an
office I can work out of.. That leaves Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte.. I refuse to live in Charlotte so that makes my choices the Triangle or the
Triad.. So far my options are.. NCSU.. UNCG.. I had NCCU most likely whacked from my list by Tori today who said they were horrible to deal

Basicly the goal i am working twoard now is fixing up the house so I can sell in a few months.. Take the GMAT (How hard can that be?)..
Decide on a school and apply and make work pay for it..

That at least gets me 1.5 years of planing..

Any suggested schools? I am sort of
tiring of Raleigh after living here almost 10 years.. I am thinking Greensboro would be nice.. Besides Sheila is going there in the fall.. How convenient
you say.. So is UNCG the best choice? Wake Forrest is too much.. Maybe Carolina and stay here? They didn’t accept me for undergrad.. I am going to have
to get some kidna exception made for GPA.. I graduated from NCSU with a 2.2 or something pretty damn low.. Granted it was in Electrical Engineering and I
was working full time so I would think someone would give me a chance.. I ain’t dum.. :)

Anyway kids.. Thats my plan.. I dunno if I am kissing
Raleigh good bye or not, but that house in Cary.. See ya.. Work.. See ya when I get my free MBA from ya!..

If anyone has taken the GMAT let me
know.. Any suggested places to get an MBA? Anyone?

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