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How can we ever forget?

September 12th, 2006

Well yesterday I was pretty riled up about all the 9/11 “don’t forget”, “freedom ain’t free”, and “git
r dun” shit.. Now that has passed I really don’t seem as angry as I was yesterday.. I mean idiots are allowed to say whatever they want in this country
and well they sure did.. They needed to silence everyone about Katrina after the spike lee documentary on HBO, so what better way than 1000
documentaries on every channel imaginable about how the towers came down and innocent America was so haneously attacked.. Oh and we can drop gas prices a
ton too.. Could this have anything to do with elections are coming up.. Maybe? Just maybe? My favorite commercial I have seen so far is
for this asshole running for the congresional district that covers Greensboro.. It starts off with “Have you lost your job because an illegal immigrant
took it from you? Are you angry cause they aren’t even supposed to be here?”.. It goes on to talk about the “illegals” burning the flag, taking our
money, how they are all mexican criminals, and then how they spit on and insult us poor poor americans..

Maybe its a good thing I won’t have a
TV.. :)

Oh and I found a cool website yesterday 43places.com where you can list all the places you have been,
reviews, where you want to go and what not.. You can also list personal goals and shit like that.. It’s kinda cool.. Its not the new wheel by any means..
Maybe its old news.. Who knows.. I thought it was bad ass looking at map of where i’ve been and where I want to go!

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