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Welcome to Guilford County and progress on moving..

August 30th, 2006

So I have been living in two places now for the last 3 weeks.. Let me tell you it sucks.. I have no
idea how much money I have spent on gas, but I am sure its a metric assload if not more.. I spent last weekend doing some final stuff on my house in
Cary.. I pretty much just have to straighten it up and what not before I can put it on the market..

I need to get a real estate lawyer so I can do
this FSBO thing.. Anyone have any suggestions for a real estate laywer in the Triangle, preferably Cary or Raleigh?

I found a house in
Greensboro that I am closing on at the end of September.. I am going to be uber poor very soon.. That is until I get my place sold in Cary.. Uggh.. Anyone
who wants to come to Greensboro to hang out and what not let me know.. I still want to have a house warming kegger (or pony kegger).. Who’s down?

got a ticket the other day on Benjamin Parkway in Greensboro.. The cop wrote me up for 44 in a 35 zone.. Turns out the speed limit is actually 45 mph for
2 blocks on eitehr side of the “violation”.. Anyone fought a speeding ticket when its pretty clear and cut like this? I am going to try and get some
speed zone maps or documentation from the Greensboro Department of Transportation and take some photos so I can use them as evidence.. Anyone think I need
to do anything else?

School is great, but its really hard to do school shit while I am living in two town and driving between the two..

Anyone want a Samsung 50″ DLP HDTV? I got it about a year ago, but its too big for my new place, and I don’t feel like moving it
either.. If so email me..

Yeah there is some randomness for ya.. Nothing insightful or what not.. At least labor day is coming soon and I
can have a real weekend..

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