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I love all natural strippers

December 20th, 2006

After a much inhebreiated Monday evening celebrating my last day of work for 2006 and then a full
Tuesday of recovering I have started to do some much needed work on my house in Greensboro.. I have taken down most of the popcorn ceiling, and now whats
mostly left that I will tackle is stripping paint.. My folks told me about this stuff in the old house journal.. Soy Gel.. It’s made from soy beans.. It
looks like snot, and well you paint it on let it sit and then you remove the paint.. It has pretty much no smell, you can do it without gloves, and well
it’s just pretty rad.. It’s by far the easiest stripper I have ever used in my life, and it seems to work better than anything I have

Check out the fireplace I started stripping.. Removing paint from brick isn’t easy either.. I have the final (3rd) coat sitting overnight
tonight and then it should be 100% cleaned off.. Check out the progress.. I guess I also should thank my dad for coming up to GSO for 2 days to help

This is how it looked

After the first pass

The stipper working its magic..
This is only after maybe an hour of the second coat..

Check out that yellow brick! I had
no idea it was there.. So much cooler looking than all white..

The room is getting
ready for a dance partay!

So there is where I stand.. I have a bunch more stripper up for overnight and hopefully I can get most of the trim
stripped.. If any of you ever need to strip paint I STRONGLY recomend this stuff..

So Thursday is my last day in Greensboro for a bit.. Off to
Raleigh.. Maybe i’ll see some of ya folks out Thursday night!

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