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I really don’t get it..

October 18th, 2007

I have tried to watch the latest 3 episodes of the Sarah Silverman Program.. I have made it through 1
complete episode, and the last two I just stopped watching.. Who the hell thinks she is funny.. I do love satire, and making fun of social issues can be
fun.. Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle can take some racist shit and make you laugh your ass off.. Now Sarah on the other hand thinks that playing some sort
of dumb bimbo character being oblivious to the issue she is targeting is going to be funny.. The first episode I watched she takes on abortion, and then
makes it seem like its a complete joke by having some joking relationship with her abortion doctor.. How can anyone act like having an abortion is a
laughing fun kinda thing.. She could have made fun of the right wing crazy church folks and it might have had a chance of being funny.. The next episode
she gets in trouble for licking her dogs ass? Come on.. The latest one she says she is being discriminated against because she is jewish and gets into a
“its’ harder to be a jew than a black man” argument with a black waiter..

I could also be tainted by the fact she was supposed to be the announcer
at the Sasquatch! festival out west and she showed up once about 3-4 hours late, made a joke about doing lines of coke in the bathroom which turned into a
lame joke about how women don’t shit.. Then she never showed up again for the next 2 days.. I sorta wonder if she was out back doing coke the whole time..
Anyway her show is garbage in my opinion and I’d like that 45 minutes of my life back..

Seriously does anyone find her funny? Do I not appreciate
her bimbo angle on satire?

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