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Oh the music you will hear..

November 26th, 2007

Over Thanksgiving weekend I went with my dad to see my grandfather.. He’s been living in a retirement
home for close to 10 years now.. My grandmother died earlier this year, and it’s just him now.. He’s either 95 or 96 now.. I can’t remember which.. He
hasn’t been able to hear very well for most of my life, and he can’t see very well either.. He has parkinson’s so he has these tremors in his limbs.. They
don’t seem to be much worse than I remember then 5 years ago.. He still cracks me up though making fun of himself in his old state..

So my
grandfather had been given new roommates over the last few months and they would always die within a few weeks of moving in with him.. Eventually they
decided they would move him to another room.. So my dad asked my grandfather how he liked the new room.. He replied that he enjoyed the view much better,
and how he could see the maple trees and other color of fall.. The last room he was in just looked into a parking lot.. We had some other conversations
about the old days.. The photographs that were on the wall, etc.. Then my grandpa says “You know what else is nice they don’t play that music in this wing
of the building like they do all the other rooms that I’ve been in”.. Mind you there are no speakers in the room, and my dad and I have never heard music
in the facility in the last 10 years they have been there.. Then my dad says to him “Ya know you can’t really hear us talk half of the time, so what makes
you think you can hear music?”.. He then tell us he thinks it was pumped in above the ceiling tiles, and says that no one would believe him anyway.. Then
his final argument is “If I am making up this music in my head, which is possible, why would it be some crap I don’t like? I mean if I am going to make up
music and have to listen to it don’t you think I would like it?”..

Anyway he cracks me up how he can be so joking about getting old and maybe a
little looney.. I thought i’d share that all with you guys.. So i guess the lesson here is if you are in your mid 90′s and you hear music it might be in
your head.. Heh..

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