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Into the great wide open.. Monday

January 28th, 2006

That morning we got up and drove down Bardstown.. First stop Krispy Kreme.. By the photos we took you
would think that we didn’t have them in North Carolina.. Fun times..

We stopped at the big cemetery on Bardstown where some of my family members from 5 generations back are buried.. We aimlessly wander around the cemetery
for probably 2 hours.. The grave markers are amazing for most of the deaths in the early 1800s since that was when Louisville had tons of money.. Huge
obelisks, ornate trees with logs for the children.. Busts of folks on top of shrines.. Moseleums with wonderful stained glass..

Colonel Sanders is also burried in this cemetery.. We saw many names on the more elaborate gravestones / memorials.. These names would be seen all over
Louisville the rest of the trip.. Street names, plaques, building names, etc..

We go to Indiana to a “park” to look at the Louisville Skyline but it turns out to be little more than a few benches and we quickly head back to
Kentucky.. We roll up to the Louis (Not who Louisville was named for) and Clark memorial, see some bums drinking some sorta clear liqor in the cold ass
windy weather look at the Ohio River and get back in the car in search of warm food..

We stop at this Irish Pub on Bardstown called Maggie Malones for a super late lunch, and proceed to gorge ourselves on beer and pub food.. We are stuffed
by this point and take a short nap.. After some more aimless driving around we head back to the only Thai place we have seen in town, but it turns out to
be more like Thai/Chineese/Vietnamese place.. They have pho, sweet and sour chicken, phad thai and shrimp toast.. Nothing too fancy..

We head down the street to Cahoots.. This place turns out to be the Louisville twin of the JP.. There are a ton of similarities.. The baby pictures on the
bar.. The green and burgundy color scheme.. The rope lights on the bar.. Hanging smoke.. Same crowd.. We play a few games of pool and after getting
smoked out we decide to leave..

We head back to Cumberland Brews and have a few more before heading back to the hotel.. At Cumberland Brews they have coasters that everyone writes on, so
we decide to fill out a few with Raleigh related stuff..

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