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Into the great wide open.. Thursday..

January 30th, 2006

Thursday was pretty low key.. We took a cab back to Heine Brothers where we left my car for the
night.. I normally don’t get hung over, but I felt it that day.. I have no idea how many I had, but I am betting on top of the bottle of wine at Ramsi’s
it was close to 10 or 12 beers.. Sheila had 4 Bourbons on the rocks.. Man oh man.. So we hop in the car and head off to cave city.. Part way there we stop
at KFC hoping to get some sort relief from the hangovers, but it doesn’t help much at all.. After a short and painful ride we get to Cave City, and decide
we don’t need to descend 300+ feet into the ground that day.. We get a room at the Mammoth Inn Hotel take a much needed many hour nap wake up around the
last call for the restaurant at the Mammoth Inn Hotel.. The pancake tour will continue tomorrow, but for now Sheila gets a 1/2 chicken fried hard.. Of
course there is no hope of her finishing it, and I barely finish my fish (why did I get fish in Kentucky?).. Then we just take it easy and sleep off the
rest of the pain..

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