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Into the great wide open.. Wednesday..

January 28th, 2006

The plan for Wednesday didn’t consist of much other than we were going to go to the Homemade Ice Cream
and Pie Kitchen and the zoo.. We roll into the Ice Cream and Pie for lunch, and find out they don’t sell any food other than ice cream and pies.. The lady
at the counter suggests we go to the store around the corner and get a sandwich and come back to see her.. We walk around the corner to a liquor store /
deli called Morris’ Deli..

We grab what has to be one of the best roast beef sandwiches I have ever had.. You just roll in tell the guy what we wanted on our sandwich, grab a bag of
chips and a soda and take a seat.. We try and pay before we get our food, but the guy tells us “You can pay us after you decide if you like it or not”..
Amazing stuff.. Grab a bottle of Bourbon, and head back to the Pie place..

Sheila gets some ice cream and I get some cherry cheesecake, both of which were absolutely wonderful.. Then it was time to check out the zoo.. It was
pretty damn cold that day, and I am pretty sure there were less than 20 people at the small zoo the entire day.. The Louisville Zoo wasn’t very big
compared to the NC Zoo, but it still had some cool exhibits.. Many of the animals weren’t out though since it was right above freezing.. It took no more
than 3 hours to get through the whole place..

Linus.. He was about to get fed when he came leaping out of the water..

After the zoo we grab some coffee at a different Henie Brothers, and check out the zoo photos.. While there we ask the dude at the counter if he has any
suggestions for dinner.. He suggests the place around the corner Ramsi’ Cafe on the World.. This turned out to be the best meal that we had while on the
entire trip.. I would strongly recommend this place to anyone heading to Louisville.. I had the “Pork, Port and Pears”.. Incredible meal.. It was super
packed, and it was only a Wednesday.. That always is a good sign..

While there Garrets sister calls and we head down to Cahoots for a “few” drinks.. We roll in and immediately sit down and yack with this guy John who
works there and we end up talking for forever.. Finally we meet up with the rest of the locals and proceed to get wasted.. About 3am we finally decide
it’s time to head back to the hotel.. John was right on the money we walk up to the front and he says “Hey you guys are STILL here?” .. He calls a cab for
us which took no more than 30 seconds to show up.. Our final farewell to Cahoots was of John saying “I’ll see you kids down at the Jackpot in Raleigh

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