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I’ve been so caught up

July 11th, 2006

in going to school and moving I didn’t even realize it had been over a year since I quit smoking (July
7th, 2005).. 12 or so years of killing myself, and 1 year of being tobacco free.. I don’t miss it, not even the slightest bit.. I am glad that I no longer
am a slave to those fuckers.. I still get shit in the mail from Camel.. Who cares.. I am free!! I am proud myself.. If i set my mind to something I
will make it happen.. So what if I was incoherent for 2 weeks going through the worst withdrawl I have ever experienced in my life? I made it
happen.. Yeah for me! The rest of you smokers who haven’t quit yet.. Think about it? What good does it REALLY do for you?

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