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Slumlordin’ It.. Or Maybe not..

July 16th, 2006

So Friday night I go to Greensboro to meet up with Sheila, have dinner go out, etc.. Saturday Sheila
and I are wandering around her neighborhood.. I had been wondering where in the hell I am going to live in Greensboro.. I had originally just assumed I
wouldn’t buy anything and just rent for a bit.. I had pretty much decided that I was only going to get an apartment which would mean I will end having to
take most of my tools and other stuff in Charlotte to ditch with my rents.. So walking down Mendenhall after lunch and I see a crappily xeroxed sign in
the window of College Hill.. House for rent within a mile of UNCG.. 600 a month.. I give the guy a call, and much to my surprise I get the impression that
he is around my age.. He tells me where the house is, and that he is still making repairs on it, but can have place ready by maybe the 1st.. I hop in the
truck and drive across the railroad tracks and to the south side of Lee Street.. This entire neighborhood is pretty hood, but the houses are either
boarded up, or being fixed up.. I get pretty excited drive around, etc.. I do see some scary shit.. Kids sitting on porches doing absolutely nothing but
looking like they are just waiting to get into trouble.. The boarded up houses are a bit scary, but hey no biggie.. I lived on Everett where apparently
people broke into houses (never mine), but I did have a drug related murder a block away.. Never scared me away..

So I get back home.. The fixed
upper houses are selling for around 50k! I mean damn.. Is this my time to become the slum lord I have dreamed of? Most of the houses need some
work, and I would have to get a pretty large construction loan on top of that, but I mean damn.. Take whatever I get from dumping this place in Cary
(Gonna have it ready in a week I bet kids, so please be ready to re-post bulletins and what not to help me sell this place FSBO.. I might even a decent
cash reward to the friend who gets me the resulting sale.. Hint hint..).. I figure I could end up with a monhtly mortgage payment less than what i was
thinking for rent.. Man.. Can I become the semi-overlord of Greensboro and get a few rental properties? Make those fools pay for me to enjoy my
life.. I didn’t see bars on the windows so the area can’t be that bad.. Can it? I mean it looks up and coming.. As long as there are no PCP/Meth
labs next door (especially if they blow up) I will be OK with it..

Anyone.. Anyone.. I know south of Lee is a tad scary, but is that bad? I
am talking the area bound by Aycock on the west, Freeman Mill on the east, Florida on the South and Lee on the North..

Google Map of tha’ Hood

And yeah I am listening to Camp Lo – Luchini.. Heh.. When was the last time anyone heard that..

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