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Monday Night Football!

October 12th, 2005

OK after some discussion it has been decided..

Monday Night Football at my place next monday in HD on my sickly large TV..

If you don’t like football it should still be a good time.. Lawnjesus and I had a great time this monday wondering what the angriest football coach in the
history of the world was thinking..

If that isn’t enough to get you out.. How could your week not be complete with more of the “I like it.. I love it.. I want some more uv it..” song at

If you kids want to do the fondue thing I am more than game.. Email me and let me know you are coming and for directions if you don’t know where I live..

Who: You!
What: Monday Night Football!
When: Anytime after 7:00 10/17/2005
Where: My House in Cary..
Why: Need there be a reason?

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