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Wallpaper is a great way to get a divorce

October 9th, 2005

In an effort to use my blog on the Murdoch owned MTV replacement addiction that is worse than crack I
bring you my latest insights into life..

When I worked at Media Play in High School I had a manager who told me the best way to get a divorce was do to a project with your spouse involving
wallpaper.. Now many years later it has all become apparent what he was talking about..

For those who don’t know me very well I own a house in Cary (Don’t ask thats a *LONG* story).. The people that owned the place before me loved plastic
gold and the white on white on white theme.. Not really to my taste.. After some long period of procrastinating I decided I was going to do something
about my hospital themed home to (A. keep my sanity while I still live here so I don’t think I am in Dorthea Dix B. Fix up this place so I can dump it and
move somewhere where I want to be (5pts?)).. My favorite deocating from the previous owners was the wallpaper in the master bath..

Point being I have been taking that crap down.. I do not wish this pain and suffering on my worst enemy.. So if you are in a relationship and want a cop
out reason to split I would suggest doing a project involving wallpaper.. I have done other home improvement projects and nothing compares to the mundane
agrivating crap that removing wallpaper and scrubbing glue off of drywall is.. Laying tile isn’t even close to this level of frustration..

At least I have made some progress.. Too bad there is no Neu Romance tonight it would be a nice break after hours of wall scrubbing..

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