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Mr Jacob.. Tear down this wall!

October 20th, 2006

So I have talked about it, but I finally took the photos off of my camera.. I still gotta get the
Scarowinds photos off of my other camera but I left it at Sheilas..

So about 2 weeks ago I got a construction dumpster delivered to my new place,
ripped out a wall, and the carpet.. Today I have been taking down the popcorn ceiling, and in an effort to slack I decided the best thing to do was hit up
myspace and blog even..

The wall I took out was added in the 50s I think the previos owner told me.. Anyway the thing was not structural and made 2
weird shaped rooms out of what was one awesome room.. Perfect for dance parties or what not.. It had really thin drywall so I just kicked it all to
oblivion and then ripped out the framing.. The photos are extra cool though.. Maybe an animated gif would be best here?



gone now..

Once I got the rest of the framing out I took out all the nasty carpet in the house..

Carpet up, staples still everywhere.. I think it took Sheila and I a day at most to get
them all pulled up.. The floors are in pretty good shape, but they need a good sanding and re-finishing..

So this is where I am so far with taking down the popcorn.. It’s super messy and really
gross.. I am making good progress now that I have a garden sprayer to wet the ceiling down..

So this is most of hte crap I ended up putting in the dumpster..

Like my neighbor
said.. “It’s a shame you buy a new house and then you go and throw half of it away”..

So kids until next time there is my adventures in
fixer-uppers.. Maybe next time I will have plaster washers here and can start fixing the walls.. I’m gonna need a drink tonight after I am done with this
sloppy mess..

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