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Pivotal Momement

March 16th, 2007

Well I did it.. I turned in my resignation today.. It went much smoother than I expected.. I still
have to talk to HR, and some of my bosses bosses.. I am sure there will be offers of more money and things of that nature.. Now I just need to get my ass
to a dentist and doctor before I am faced with the decision to do cobra or be insuranceless..

So here’s to getting my degree by Fall of 2008 instead of forever in the future.. If anyone needs some part time web coding done or knows someone who
might let me know.. I can send you my resume.. Whenever I find out if I can keep my phone number or not I may be getting you guys my new number..

Man I still have butterflies in my stomach and it’s been 3 hours since I made the call to my boss..

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