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Photos from National Zoo in DC

March 6th, 2007

Well i don’t have much to blog about, but Sheila and I went to the National Zoo (in DC) today.. The
main reason was to see Tai Shan (baby panda cub) before he gets shipped back to China in the middle of this year.. Tomorrow we are going to see the
holocaust museum then Ikea.. Yippie! I can’t wait.. Hopefully the snow here won’t cripple 95 tomorrow..

So I guess with that said I’ll let the
photos flow.. All I can say is yeah I love narrow depth of field photos..

is Tai Shan going to town on some bamboo

Hippo who seemed to be pretty
depressed and in quite a small cage/pool..


This still photo doesn’t really give you any idea how trippy the invertebrate house was..

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