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Randomness and Other Randomness

February 26th, 2008

So yesterday I was in Hobbes waiting for my Chicken Fingers to finish cooking. (If you don’t know what
Hobbes is it’s this place that only sells Chicken Fingers on Tate Street.. Pretty good I must admit.. I think they took a lesson from Krispy Kreme and mix
in a little bit of crack with the chicken).. The owner of Hobbes had MSNBC on the TV; MSNBC is one of many channels I have programmed out of my TV so I
never see it.. I saw a commercial for a personal Tazer on TV? What the hell.. I guess I haven’t watched enough fear-mongering TV in a while that it stood
out to me as a bit fucked up. What’s next? I mean the guys who sell all the crazy hunting knives on the home shopping networks are at least funny and
they could be used for hunting, but this commercial was took the “protect your family with the only non-lethal means of stopping someone”.. I dunno seemed
fucked up to me..

So today I got a call from another head hunter.. This time for a job at Sony Ericsson in RTP (Davis Drive).. I don’t think I can
take it cause they want it filled now and I cant do full time again until May. But once again the head hunters always call me at the worst fucking time..
Right when i have papers, exams, other shit I need to do.. It’s like they know when I am thinking “God I hate this school shit I just want to go back to
work and leave this bullshit behind”.. I am not trying to take the 12 monkeys “they monitor you with something in your teeth” angle or anything but man I
swear.. just one more distraction i don’t need this week at least..

So that’s what’s up with me.. I should be doing shit for school and alas I
decided to blog..

Oh and if you want to waste more time check out Stuff White People Like
- It just proved I am white..

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