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I am impressed..

March 6th, 2008

So I am sort of an apple nerd.. Sure it’s one of the many things that white people like.. Blah Blah..
My professor for marketing said i was an “Applehead”.. Whatever.. There were technical reasons why I purchased my first mac.. It really wasn’t their sleek
design that won me over.. I also felt like there would be good customer service and that helped justify to me the added cost of buying an Apple over say a
Dell, IBM, etc.. I never had any reason to contact customer service on any of my apple products until today.. I bought a MacBook about a year and a half
ago cause I needed a new laptop that would run stupid windows shit for school.. About 2-3 weeks ago I noticed this really odd crack in the case.. If you
search the internet for “macbook crack” you will find there are tons of users with the same complaint.. So I drove to Durham today for my 11:00
appointment with the guy at the “genius bar”.. It’s a bit arrogant of a name, but whatever..

The guy takes one look and says “yeah we’ll fix that
for free.. I know it’s out of warranty but it’s not supposed to do that..” They didn’t even try to scold me for not buying the rip off apple care
package.. So they took my laptop that is over 6 months out warranty in, will have it fixed in a week or less and fedex it to my house for free.. How
about that for customer service? Sure it was a design flaw, but but apple is repairing this issue for free like a good company does.. I feel like the
extra 150-200 bucks I spent for my laptop over others of similar specs was worth it.. Most other laptops I’ve had before have been built far worse than my
Apples.. I know that sounds like an advertisement and maybe it is.. It’s just nice to write about something positive for a change not just vent about
irritating things..

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