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RDU->GSO Updates

June 14th, 2006

I figured after my last rant I needed a sane blog..

I got my GMAT score back weeks ago.. I
ended up getting a 570 (61st percentile) on the multiple guess part, and a 6/6 – Perfect score (94th percentile) on the essay portion.. At first I was a
bit disappointed, but Tori put it in perspective to me.. I only really studied for 2 weeks, during the second round of the NHL playoffs (so you know I was
distracted) and hadn’t see much of the material on the test in 10 years.. My application should be completed to UNCG today.. They can’t seem to find one
of my recomendation letters, but its being faxed again today.. My “Personal Statement/Essay” is a bit rambling, but its submitted and in.. Now all I can
do is wait.. Everyone I talk to seems to think I will get in.. I am a bit worried, but there is little I can do..

I have been to most of the
Hurricanes playoff games.. They are now 1 game away from winning the Stanley Cup.. Go Whalers/Canes.. Its quite an experience..

Its like in 2002
when they made it to the finals fun-wise, except this time they have a very good chance of winning.. I will say no more cause I don’t want to fuck with
the hockey gods..

The entire team with the Prince of Wales Trophy .. Whats cool about this is the Captain Rod
Brind’Amour brought over the whole team for the photo instead of just getting his picture taken.. I was there..

Tonight I am leaving for Bonnaroo..
I can’t wait.. Tom Petty.. Yeah!

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