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This Old House Part 16 of 63453 – Drywall Mudding

March 8th, 2008

So it’s been forever since I wrote anything about progress on the house.. That is because I haven’t
done anything on the house for the last 2 months or so.. Between the holidays and school the drywall has been sitting around waiting to be mudded.. I
finally got off my butt today and mudded the drywall I put in in the kitchen, dining room, living room and the hallway ceiling.. I guess it’s not really
that exciting.. What is exciting is the animated gif I made with photoshop of the mudding on one of the walls.. :)

This is of only the first coat and there will need to be at least 2 more, but
i suspect more than that.. So for the next week I will be sanding, and mudding more.. Yippie!

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