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This Old House Part 18 of 63453 – Doors and Windows

September 22nd, 2008

So I got my windows and doors back from being sent off to strip.. I have gotten quotes for finishing my
floors.. I am still awaiting to place my order for cabinets, but that should happen Monday.. Slowly, but surely all is coming into place..

A few days ago I had my windows reglazed by an awesome guy who used to work for a window restoration company in Greensboro.. He came over, cleaned up all my
windows, removed all the old glazing, and reglazed them.. They need to sit around a week since the glazing is still soft before I can stain them, paint them, whatever..

Windows how they looked when I got them back from stripping..

After all the old glazing had been cleaned out and the panes washed.

Windows with all new glazing..

I got my french doors back from being stripped.. I called some carpenters about having them hung in the rough openings and the prices were outrageous.. I decided I would give it a shot.. I had to buy some tools, but it came out almost perfect.. There were 2 hang-ups but they should be easily overcome.. To hang the doors I had to build jambs and all that jazz.. I built them on saw horses, and then put them into place, leveled everything and nailed them in place.. I won’t bore you with the details I am sure the pictures will tell the story.. I am really proud of myself.. It is the most ambitious project on a house that I have ever done in my opinion..

Doors as they arrived back from stripping

Router – One tool essential to the success of this project.

Hinge jig in place waiting for the router to make the hinge pocket.

Hinge pocket after routing out. It’s almost perfect.

Closeup of the rabbet joint in the corners of the door jamb.

The doors almost done being pre-hung, and ready to put into position.

Trimming the side jambs to fit the unevenness of the floor. I intentionally made the jambs too long and then cut them to fit at the end.

Tada! Installed french doors. I still need to install the hardware..

I also finally got some painters to paint the house.. That’s another
story for another day, but at least the house will be painted before the winter.. We hew..

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