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This old house part 7 of 63453 – Progress Update

July 21st, 2007

So work has been slow in the last month.. It’s gotten hot, and well that sucks for working outdoors..
The patio is pretty much at a standstill.. I got more sand the other day since we ran out, but a little bit of time outside and it’s too fucking hot.. I
don’t know if it’ll be done when Tori gets here, but we shall see.. I guess between going to Charlotte to visit my grandmother, the beach trip,
recovering from the beach trip, and then my grandmothers funeral I have a pretty good excuse for doing almost nothing the last 3 weeks.. I mean we all
need a break right?

So the dining room has been completely separated from the rest of the house.. I moved all the furniture out, put plastic
sheeting up, and went to town sanding.. I got quite tired of that and started on putting all the plaster washers up.. I think the plaster repair will be
pretty good, my main problem is going to be matching the bumpy-ness of the plaster texture.. I am thinking sanded paint will be the solution..

Since I like to post photos here goes nothin’..

Major plaster crack in the middle of being repaired..
The washers re-attach the loose plaster to the lathing underneath so I can mud over it and make it match..

It’s quite a messy job.. I have given up on getting
the trim down to wood and staining it, but I still need a smooth surface..

This is what much of the paint in the house is like,
so I have to strip it down to the yellow layer, and then sand it smooth to have a good surface..

I think once I get the dining room done, the rest
of the house will go a bit smoother, but it is hard to find the motivation.. I already don’t know what day it is anymore.. It’s been a month and 2 days
since I last had a job, and well it feels good..

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