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This old house part 8 of 63453 – New Electrical Panel

August 4th, 2007

So I had been putting it off for most of the year.. My homeowners insurance wasn’t going to get
renewed if I didn’t get a new breaker panel and get rid of the old fuse panels and assorted ancient electrical crap in the house.. I finally got off my
ass, and hired some contractors to install a new panel, and then once they were done I started replacing the old wiring in the house.. I didn’t feel like
dealing with trying to install a main breaker panel.. It took the 3 guys a day, and if I tried I bet I would have been without power for over a week
considering my pace..

I went from this slew of panels..

To this one new breaker panel inside the

Once the inspector signed off on all of the
contractors work and no more inspectors would be sticking their heads around I started removed the old non grounded wiring and put in new 3 prong outlets
and modern wiring.. I am not sure what a contractor would charge but it’s usually ~100 bucks an outlet and I’ve replaced about 15 so far in the house, not
to mention adding some decent lighting in the basement finally..

If you think it looks messy now you should have seen it before..

Check out the pile of old wiring I have removed in
2 days.. I still have a bit more to remove too..

I still have to install some more outlets in the
basement for when I move the washer/dryer down there, but that can wait..

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