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Tool? Really.. Tool?

February 14th, 2007

So last year the Bonnaroo lineup was pretty awesome.. Radiohead, Tom Petty, Beck, Death Cab, Rusted
Root, etc.. I wish I had stayed for Matisyahu, but oh well.. I thought this year would be pretty awesome considering 2005s lineup looked awesome as well..
So today they finally made the lineup anouncement.. Tool? I mean what the fuck? Tool? Yeah whatever Bonnaroo.. I am hoping maybe you will realize what
you did and 2008 will be better.. I think i’ll just try and see the Decemberists in Raleigh in April, and the Flaming Lips somewhere on their way to or
from Bonnaroo.. I know Sheila wants to see Regina Spektor, but the initial line up is pretty disapointing in my opinion..

I was lookign around for
other festivals and the Sasquatch festival in Washington State looks awesome.. Its memorial day weekend, which airfare from Raleigh is only 185 a person,
a weekly rental car from SEA is only 160 with tax.. I mean thats not bad.. The 2006 lineup was pretty rad looking, so 2007 could be pretty good as well..
ANd hte location? Holy shit.. Gorge Ampitheatre.. Google it.. Look at it on Wikipedia.. I should say Cochella looks cool, but its during school so I’d
go alone and have to leave Sheila behind.. Camping isn’t super cheap at Sasquatch but its per car, so anyone else want to go?

Well yeah.. It’s
Valentines day and I shouldn’t dare forget to mention my lovely Sheila.. It’s been an amazing 1+ years and there will be many many more to come.. I
haven’t been happier in my life..

So here is to summer music festivals.. If I go to Sasquatch Jake i’ll be comin’ to see you again..

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