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This old house part 7 of 63453 – Progress Update

July 21st, 2007 Comments off

So work has been slow in the last month.. It’s gotten hot, and well that sucks for working outdoors..
The patio is pretty much at a standstill.. I got more sand the other day since we ran out, but a little bit of time outside and it’s too fucking hot.. I
don’t know if it’ll be done when Tori gets here, but we shall see.. I guess between going to Charlotte to visit my grandmother, the beach trip,
recovering from the beach trip, and then my grandmothers funeral I have a pretty good excuse for doing almost nothing the last 3 weeks.. I mean we all
need a break right?

So the dining room has been completely separated from the rest of the house.. I moved all the furniture out, put plastic
sheeting up, and went to town sanding.. I got quite tired of that and started on putting all the plaster washers up.. I think the plaster repair will be
pretty good, my main problem is going to be matching the bumpy-ness of the plaster texture.. I am thinking sanded paint will be the solution..

Since I like to post photos here goes nothin’..

Major plaster crack in the middle of being repaired..
The washers re-attach the loose plaster to the lathing underneath so I can mud over it and make it match..

It’s quite a messy job.. I have given up on getting
the trim down to wood and staining it, but I still need a smooth surface..

This is what much of the paint in the house is like,
so I have to strip it down to the yellow layer, and then sand it smooth to have a good surface..

I think once I get the dining room done, the rest
of the house will go a bit smoother, but it is hard to find the motivation.. I already don’t know what day it is anymore.. It’s been a month and 2 days
since I last had a job, and well it feels good..

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More Photos from the Garden

July 21st, 2007 Comments off

So the garden has been growing like crazy.. Tons of Zucchini, etc.. I have learned some good lessons..
Mostly don’t put your tomatoes so damn close together.. Zucchini take up a shit-ton of space.. I’m going to have to learn how to can veggies really
soon.. There are close to 50-100 tomatoes about to be ripe.. I already have a canning pot I used to use as a lobster pot, and my mom gave me my
grandmothers “how to can anything” book from the 50s, so it shouldn’t be too hard..

Look at that insane growth.. Next time I will give
everything more space

Roma Tomatoes..

Baby Watermelon

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Sweet Sweet Beer

July 5th, 2007 Comments off

This just might be the sweetest most awesome thing ever..

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